[Rtir] A couple of questions

Andrew Bone A.Bone at ukerna.ac.uk
Thu Sep 16 12:53:01 EDT 2004

I really like this idea as well, thanks for the input everyone.
Andy B

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On Sep 16, 2004, at 5:09 AM, Ruediger Riediger wrote:

> Hello,
> Gorazd Bozic wrote:
>> Natasa Glavor wrote:
>>> * how do we adjust RTIR to make queries to different custom
>>> instead of the default whois querying?
> [...]
>> We solved this by setting up our own simple whois server (or you 
>> might call it a whois wrapper). The whois protocol is really simple: 
>> connect to the server, send a single line query (usually an IP 
>> address) and read back the response. If it is run from inetd.conf, 
>> you read from stdin and write results to stdout, so it doesn't need 
>> any networking stuff.
> we have actually gone one step father, as we have more than one 
> internal query system. We are running the Geek-Tools proxy locally, as

> well as some additional whois-like services. Now, with RTIR's 
> "Lookup.html" tools, you can only have one whois service per system as

> there is no possibility to query the service on another port (than 
> 43/tcp).
> We have modified Lookup.html to allow the "whois" variable to not only

> hold server names, but "name:port". Further, since no one can remember

> what runs on port 43 and what on port 4321, we have added a second 
> variable holding the "beautified" names of the services.

Do you have any objection to us rolling this patch or a variant into 
the core of RTIR?


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