[Rtir] Announce RTIR 1.2 beta 2 (v 1.1.3)

Przemek Jaroszewski przemek at cert.pl
Thu Jan 13 05:06:02 EST 2005

Bruce Rodger wrote:

>>Just as an example, the docs don't even mention that you need to
>>browse to /RTIR/ after installing this, as there does not appear to be
>>any Tabs added by default to the main RT pages (fwiw, I added one of my
> That's a bug that has been discussed here before. It's a file protection
> thing - you need to change the protection on a few files.
> Not sure exactly which ones, but
> find /usr/local/rt3/share/html/Callbacks -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;
> should fix it.

When installing vanilla request-tracker3.2 on Debian and then 
rtir-1.1.3, rtir install takes care of file access, but apparently 
"forgets" to copy IR.pm to its destination which obviously results in an 
error dump right after logging in.

This can be fixed by manually copying path_to_rtir_source/lib/RT/IR.pm 
to path_to_rt/lib/RT/


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