[Rtir] No checkboxes with RTIR

Bernhard Schmidt berni at birkenwald.de
Wed Jan 19 19:43:18 EST 2005


I've just tried to upgrade our existing RT 3.0.12 with RTIR 1.0.6rc3 to 
RT 3.2.2 and RTIR 1.1.3. While RT is working great as far as I can see 
RTIR has one problem making it almost unusable ... in listings where you 
have to select something with a checkbox (e.g. select tickets in 'Bulk 
Reject' or select the incident when linking incident reports) there is 
no checkbox. I had a look at the HTML code and there is indeed no code 
for a checkbox, so it is not a browser error.

I'm using Debian with Apache2, mod_perl2 from testing and RT from 
unstable. RTIR has been installed by myself.

Any ideas?


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