[Rtir] RTIR error

Kristan Petit kristan.petit at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 00:14:54 EST 2005


I'm running RT3.4.1 and RTFM 2.0.4. I just added RTIR 1.0.5 and have
run into some errors. I do not have RTIR as a menu item, but I can get
to it by adding RTIR to the URL. Also if I go to Incidents, Incident
Reports, Investigations or Blocks I get the following error: too many
arguments at /opt/rt3/lib/RT/Tickets_Overlay.pm line 1257. I have
searched but have not found much information with regard to the cause
of this error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Kristan Petit

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