[Rtir] Re: More than 50 items

Rodney Tillotson R.Tillotson at ukerna.ac.uk
Mon May 16 07:43:42 EDT 2005

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Steven McIntosh wrote:

> I have quite a few open tickets.

Only people who resolve their tickets promptly are entitled to use
RTIR :-)

> At the momment I can only view about 50 on a page with no option
> to go to the next page or to view more.

A very clumsy workaround is to modify the Search stuff at the
bottom of the list of candidates for linking. It will drive you
mad, but you will probably find the tickets that way.

At every point RTIR is much, much better if you can stop it
scrolling or using extension pages (so there is a serious side to
the comment above about resolving tickets). A workflow modification
which may help is to resolve things that you wouldn't mind never
seeing again, even if they are not closed off as you might have
wished. If you get a reply they will re-open anyway.

You may feel that a configuration option to see the list of
Incidents (and perhaps other tickets) with the latest at the top
would help in almost all cases.

You may also have a bug. I remember having to find the first trick
above when I thought this wasn't working, but it seems not to
happen any more. Our version is not the latest.

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