[Rtir] WhoIS Problem

Alex Meyer apmeyer at doit.wisc.edu
Mon Oct 17 19:01:27 EDT 2005

Hello all-

After much mucking about I managed to load RT and RTIR onto Fedora  
Core 4. It appears that everything is humming along nicely except for  
WhoIS. I for the life of me cannot get it operational. I have edited  
RT_SiteConfig.pm to reflect that I want to use atlas.xx.xx.xx:port to  
run my WhoIS but the changes don't stick when I access them via the  
webform. Like... the config says what I want it to say but the  
website still has 'local host' and 'best practical demo' as the only  
two WhoIS servers. I have even tried putting the info directly into  
RTIR_Config.pm with no luck. I've been trying to read the archives  
but most of the posts seem a little dated. I am running the latest  
3.4 of RT and 1.1.5 of RTIR. I also want to say that if I try and do  
a whois via localhost it just generates a blank WhoIS summary. I have  
nothing in my log files to report either. Anyone have anything for me?

Alex Meyer

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