[Rtir] RTIR Upgrade problems part 2

Rudolph Pereira rudolph at usyd.edu.au
Tue Sep 19 20:53:45 EDT 2006

On Wed, Sep 20, 2006 at 04:32:21AM +0400, Ruslan Zakirov wrote:
> Bleading edge is RTIR-2.1 and 3.7-EXPERIMENTAL.
> RTIR-2.0 and 3.7-EXPERIMENTAL-RTIR-2.0 had been created from RTIR-1.9
> and 3.7-EXPERIMENTAL after a lot of polishing to match quite stable
> state to use in production.
Thanks for the clarification. Given your use of the term "production",
is there a plan for when the next version of rtir will be declared
"stable" ? :)
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