[Rtir] RTIR

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Apr 30 09:12:44 EDT 2007

On Apr 30, 2007, at 9:07 AM, Gokhan ERYOL wrote:

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> Ok, it's running now, thanks :)
> By the way, I saw the latest uploads under the link:
> http://download.bestpractical.com/pub/rt/devel/RTIR_M3 .
> Before going into production environment, should we install these
> versions or wait for new release?

These devel milestone builds are brand new and the results of six  
months of hard development by Best Practical hackers. We'd certainly  
appreciate you putting them through their paces, but I'd recommend  
doing so in your testing environment first.


> - -ge

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