[Rtir] Perhaps a dumb question - is RTIR like RTFM or does it replace RT en toto?

Neil Schwartzman neil.schwartzman at returnpath.net
Sat Aug 9 10:41:47 EDT 2008

We are interested in previewing RTIR, but when we downloaded the tarball,
the readme was not clear if RTIR is and adjunct to, or a replacement of our
existing and very operational RT system.

I¹ve ssen it referred to as an overlay ­ which implies the functionality of
RT is preserved ... Or maybe not.

Can anyone offer me a clue?

Also, any experience with using RTIR with the latest versions of RT?

We are about to move from RT 3.6.7 to 3.8.0; I expect THE package to use is
RTIR_M3(Mon May 12 22:57:16 2008) rather than rtir-1.0.5.tar.gz.sig(Tue Apr
20 03:06:48 2004), right?
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