[Rtir] Making Blocks work

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk
Mon Jul 21 11:33:16 EDT 2008

I'm running RT 3.7.26 with RTIR 2.3.17 having moved up from a very early
version of both.

In the old version a message was sent to our firewall team when a block
was created and the block was given a status of 'pending activation'.
When the team responded, the status would be changed to 'activated'. A
similar thing happened when a blck was requested for removal.

This is not happening in the current version. There is no change in
state on correspondence.

I think I need to add a scrip to the blocks queue whose condition is 'On
Correspond' and whose action is RTIR_SetBlockState. Is this sufficient
to do what I've described above or am I missing something?

This is a production system, so I'm cautious about making changes.

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