[Rtir] Chronological descending order

Otmar Lendl ol at bofh.priv.at
Thu Jun 12 04:13:43 EDT 2008

On 2008/06/12 09:06, Jesper Skou Jensen <jesper.skou.jensen at uni-c.dk> wrote:
> We would like to change the comment/correspondence order on Incident 
> Requests and Incidents. That is, at the moment they are sorted in a 
> chronological ascending order but we would like to have them in 
> descending order, so we get the newest comments at the top.
> We have googled, read manuals, looked through the preferences, changed 
> bits of the code, but we just can't seem to manage to get it done. So... 
> Any ideas on how to do it, if possible at all?

I've no idea which version you are using, but we're running one of
the betas based on RT 3.7.21, which makes this a user preference.
(RT Home->Preferences->Other->Ticket display)

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