[Rtir] Ticket Aging and Ticket Locking install assistance

bmenges.abuse bmenges.abuse at gogrid.com
Wed Dec 29 15:43:05 EST 2010

RT: 3.8.8
RTFM: 2.4.2
RTIR: 2.6.0

I've installed the above three pieces of software, and made very minimal changes (updating the site name, adding a user, modifying root) but other than that much of it is default.

Little bit confused by the following (RTIR-2.6.0):

9) If you want to enable ticket/incident aging, install RT::Extension::TicketAging
   following the installation instructions in that extension's INSTALL and README 

10) If you want to enable ticket locking, install RT::Extension::TicketLocking
    following the installation instructions in that extension's README file.

So I'm trying to install these via CPAN of course, working with TicketAging first.

During manual CPAN install, after correcting the 'Age' custom field missing, I have:

Failed Test          Stat Wstat Total Fail  List of Failed
t/01.basics.t           2   512     6    2  1 4
t/02.finished-age.t     4  1024    25    4  2 7 14 21
t/03.dead-age.t         3   768    26    3  3 10 20
t/04.extinct-age.t      2   512     9    2  2 5
t/05.destroyed-age.t    1   256     4    1  3
t/07.reopen.t           2   512     6    2  2 5
Failed 6/8 test scripts. 14/81 subtests failed.
Files=8, Tests=81, 170 wallclock secs (159.07 cusr +  5.92 csys = 164.99 CPU)
Failed 6/8 test programs. 14/81 subtests failed.
make: *** [test_dynamic] Error 2

I'm still trying to make sense of this, but it looks like:

The RTAddressRegexp option is not set in the config. Not setting this option results in additional SQL queries to check whether each address belongs to RT or not. It is especially important to set this option if RT recieves emails on addresses that are not in the database or config. (/opt/rt3/lib/RT/Config.pm:343)

Is my core problem.  Right now I haven't setup the e-mail routing because this system is being built currently.  Do I have to finish the mail queue settings for RT before I can complete the install of RT::Extension::TicketAging and RT::Extension::TicketLocking ?

Given the difficulty with TicketAging, I haven't attempted TicketLocking at this time.

Help would be appreciated.

- Brian Menges
Abuse Administrator
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