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Oops - should have sent this to the RTIR list instead of RT.


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Hi all,


I'm new to RTIR, but a friend of mine asked me to help him set it up to use
at his small company, and for a few beers I agreed. I haven't touched
Linux/Apache/perl/etc. for about 5 years, so I'm kind of rusty. I downloaded
Ground Tactics RT VMware player image, which is running RT 3.8.7, Apache2
w/mod_perl2, Ubuntu 8.0.4 and MySQL 5.0.51. I made a few tweaks and
installed the latest RTIR over top of that (2.4.4). Everything seems to be
running fine, and now I want to customize some of the fields RTIR uses to
better align it with how he works.


The first thing I need do it remove the 'SLA' option, since he's the lone
security guy in the company and SLAs don't really apply. I went into
Configuration->Queues->Incident Report->Ticket Custom Fields and selected
the SLA field and hit submit. Now when I go to create an incident report the
SLA selection box is gone, but the label 'SLA:' is still displayed on the
page between 'Constituency' and 'Customer'. How can I get rid of the label?


He'd also like me to change the names of some of the fields - e.g. change
'How Reported' to 'Trigger', etc. (his request, not mine). How can I change
just the label for a custom field?







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