[Rtir] "Use of uninitialized value"

Tiago Caldas tiagobcaldas at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 09:06:48 EST 2011

Hi everyone,

 I'm currently running RT 3.8.8 with Perl 5.10 at my server.

 I've created some specific Custom fields at a Queue and  I'm having the
following problem when any user (besides root) try to insert some value at
the CF (upload images):

*Feb 28 13:41:24 serverXX RT: Use of uninitialized value $cf_type in pattern
match (m//) at /opt/rt3/bin/../lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm line 1648.
(/opt/rt3/bin/../lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:1648) *

I have already checked the permissions and it seems fine....

At the web.pm file the $cf_value is created as follows:

   Line#   Code

   1619     sub _ProcessObjectCustomFieldUpdates {
   1620     my %args    = @_;
   1621     my $cf      = $args{'CustomField'};
   1622     my $cf_type = $cf->Type;

 I would like to check if someone had this same problem...


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