[Rtir] RTIR rpm packages available in Open Build Service

Darin Perusich darin at darins.net
Wed May 23 10:22:43 EDT 2012

Hello All,

RTIR is now available as in the Open Build Service
devel:languages:perl repository as an installable rpm package, RT has
been available for some time plus a number of other RT plugins.
Packages of version 3.0.0rc1 are available for OpenSUSE 11.4, 12.1,
and Factory distributions and are easily installed via zypper which
will handle all of it's dependencies. The package for opensuse 12.1 is
not yet available but should be shortly I hope.

I'm currently running this on a test system and everything's working
smoothly. I hope to install it on my production RT installation in the
near future.

The Build Project:

The top-level installation repo:

Quick Howto, assuming the systems running OpenSuSE 11.4:
- Add devel:languages:perl repo:
zypper ar http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/devel:/languages:/perl/openSUSE_11.4

- Install request-tracker and request-tracker-incident-response
zypper install request-tracker request-tracker-mailgate
request-tracker-db-postgres request-tracker-incident-response



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