[Rtir] no charts available in request tracker installed from source

marek.kreul at lhsystems.com marek.kreul at lhsystems.com
Mon Oct 20 05:50:10 EDT 2014

Hi Kevin,

interesting - I would have never thought that such an "unrelated" plugin could cause such an issue.
You're right, we are using ExternalAuth (and RT::Extension::ExtractCustomFieldValues), and I've upgraded the plugin to ExternalAuth 0.25 today - without success (checked by accessing the "theme" config page --> message "GD is disabled or not installed. You can upload an image, but you won't get automatic color suggestions."
Then, I tried disabling all plugins in RT_SiteConfig.pm, which solved the issue.
Re-Enabling ExternalAuth broke the charting again, so I guess the bug in correlation with ExternalAuth still exists.

Is there anything I can provide to help troubleshooting the issue?


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On Thu, Oct 16, 2014 at 11:25:41AM -0400, Kevin Falcone wrote:
> There should, however until we see what is actually returned to the 
> browser (using something like curl) it's hard to say why it's failing.
> For reference, our 4.2.8's aren't showing this (you should be able to 
> log in as guest on issues.bestpractical.com) so I'm having trouble 
> replicating.

Someone else who was running into a similar problem was running RT-Authen-ExternalAuth.  You don't mention it, but it causes breakage identical to what you're describing.

If you were running it and forgot to mention it, please upgrade to
0.25 which was shipped to CPAN this evening.


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