[Rtir] RTIR and ArcSight Integration

Scot Fackler scot.fackler at fedex.com
Fri Sep 5 10:44:30 EDT 2014

Thank you for your reply.

Let me apologize for the perceived repost. After posting to this list specific to RTIR I thought that others may have had success importing an xml parse to RT not using RTIR so I reformatted the question to the rt-user list. Duplicate queries was not my intent.

The URL in reference is https://www.bestpractical.com/rtir/features.html where I read "We've already built integrations with ArcSight, Nagios, and other software..." as there was existing script that may be available for reference. I see now that this was a custom integration.

I appreciate your time.


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On Wed, Sep 03, 2014 at 06:39:31PM -0400, Scot Fackler via rtir wrote:
> I have looked high and low through the current RTIR documentation to 
> no avail for information on the built-in ArcSight integrations noted 
> on the RTIR Features page. What I would like to do is use the ArcSight 
> case export to create RTIR tickets for Incident Response activities. 
> Is there a better method than using an xml parser to parse the 
> ArcSight case export xml file in order to generate a ticket via the RTIR REST API?

The ArcSight integration is not built in (if there's documentation implying that it's built-in, please provide a URL so it can be corrected).

An ArcSight integration was worked up for a customer running 3.8+RTIR, would probably still work on current RTIR, but was definitely tied to their process. The mapping from ArcSight fields to RT fields was not well generalized and as such I do not believe that the code is public.

The extension did not use the REST API, it used RT's built-in API and consumed the case export XMLs, creating Incident Reports and an Incident based on the data contained in the file.

Also - reposting your question to rt-users within 24 hours of posting here doesn't get it answered sooner.


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