[Rtir] [rt-announce] Security vulnerabilities in RT

Alex Vandiver alexmv at bestpractical.com
Thu Feb 26 11:28:03 EST 2015

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We have discovered security vulnerabilities which affect both RT 4.0.x
and RT 4.2.x.  We are releasing RT versions 4.0.23 and 4.2.10 to resolve
these vulnerabilities, as well as patches which apply atop all released
versions of 4.0 and 4.2.

The vulnerabilities addressed by 4.0.23, 4.2.10, and the below patches
include the following:

RT 3.0.0 and above, if running on Perl 5.14.0 or higher, are vulnerable
to a remote denial-of-service via the email gateway; any installation
which accepts mail from untrusted sources is vulnerable, regardless of
the permissions configuration inside RT.  This denial-of-service may
encompass both CPU and disk usage, depending on RT's logging
configuration.  This vulnerability is assigned CVE-2014-9472.

RT 3.8.8 and above are vulnerable to an information disclosure attack
which may reveal RSS feeds URLs, and thus ticket data; this
vulnerability is assigned CVE-2015-1165.  RSS feed URLs can also be
leveraged to perform session hijacking, allowing a user with the URL to
log in as the user that created the feed; this vulnerability is assigned

We would like to thank Christian Loos <cloos at netcologne.de> for
reporting CVE-2014-9472 and CVE-2015-1165; CVE-2015-1464 was found by
internal review.

Patches for all releases of 4.0.x and 4.2.x are available for download
below.  Versions of RT older than 4.0.0 are unsupported and do not
receive security patches; please contact sales at bestpractical.com if you
need assistance with an older RT version.


aac58bf3aa6d918dbefbaa2b27a9694f27b32d58  security-2015-02-26.tar.gz
6abe9a58400db3ee2cdbdf17704f0d881d90d744  security-2015-02-26.tar.gz.asc

The README in the tarball contains instructions for applying the
patches.  If you need help resolving this issue locally, we will provide
discounted pricing for single-incident support; please contact us at
sales at bestpractical.com for more information.
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