[rtir] Constituency and AdminCc group notifications

Josef Bezchleba bezchleba at axenta.cz
Wed Jun 3 03:51:50 EDT 2015


I am little bit confused how Constituency work.

My goal is to send notifications to two seperate groups of people based on membership of group 'Duty Team [Constituency]' whenever new Incident Report is created.

1. I created two Constituency groups via add_constituency script
2. I added memebers to 'Duty Team [Constituency]' groups
3. I created two new scrips:
	OnCreate -> RTIR Set Constituency
	OnCreate -> RTIR Set Constituency Group
4. I placed these scrips before scrips OnCreate -> Notify Owner and AdminCcs

When new ticket is created, I see message "The RT System itself - AdminCc group DutyTeam [Constituency] added" but no notification is sent to members of this group.

It looks like that AdminCc group is not set at all, because in log file you can see:

Jun  3 06:45:09 rtir RT: [3540] <rt-4.2.11-3540-1433306709-474.2330-8-0 at AXENTA> #2330/19842 - Scrip 8 On Create Notify Owner and AdminCcs
Jun  3 06:45:09 rtir RT: [3540] <rt-4.2.11-3540-1433306709-474.2330-8-0 at AXENTA> No recipients found. Not sending.

It is fresh installation of RT-IR 3.2 (RT 4.2.11).

I will appreciate any help.

Thank you.

Josef Bezchleba
bezchleba at axenta.cz

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