[rtir] Consider a BBS system like phpBB

David Florek dave.a.florek at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 22:08:03 EST 2016

Hi Jim,

Thank you getting back to me quickly and considering my idea. Apologies if I initially appeared to be a bit short. I haven't had much luck with getting responses through mailing lists and I wasn't expecting to receive a response at all. 

Thanks for your time,

> On Jan 4, 2016, at 3:25 PM, Jim Brandt <jbrandt at bestpractical.com> wrote:
> Yes, it's something we have considered. Maybe something for us to look at in 2016 since it is the time of year for making lists. :)
>> On 12/29/15 6:28 PM, Dave Florek wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Can someone at Best Practical consider changing the primary means of help to a web forum like phpBB to make it easier for the community to reach out and request help?
>> Thanks,

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