[sd] Instalation using shipwright

Terence Monteiro terence at deeproot.co.in
Thu Jan 7 10:59:22 EST 2010

Hi there,

I tried to install sd with the following commands:

curl fsck.com/sd|perl

I get the following error:

Building cpan-Crypt-SSLeay
build cpan-Crypt-SSLeay configure part failed.
 at bin/shipwright-builder line 549
    main::_install('cpan-Crypt-SSLeay', 'GLOB(0xa03eb50)') called at bin/shipwright-builder line 404
    main::install() called at bin/shipwright-builder line 267

I googled the error but could not find anything useful. What am I missing? I'm
running Debian lenny with perl 5.10.

Regards, Terence.

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