[sd] change your git origins

Christine Spang spang at MIT.EDU
Sat Apr 9 14:35:54 EDT 2011

Hey all,

I'm now pushing new commits only to gitorious. GitHub and
git.bestpractical.com are deprecated! (Maybe we'll set up a
new mirror on github later, but even if we end up doing that
it won't be in the same place as it is now, since it's
currently owned by the bestpractical user.)

You'll need to update your git configs for the move. It
should be as simple as:


git config remote.origin.url git://gitorious.org/prophet/prophet.git
git config remote.origin.url git://gitorious.org/prophet/sd.git


git config remote.origin.url git at gitorious.org:prophet/prophet.git
git config remote.origin.url git at gitorious.org:prophet/sd.git

Old repos will *eventually* go away, but for now they'll
just be out-of-date.


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