[sd] recent project updates

Christine Spang spang at MIT.EDU
Thu Apr 21 09:15:01 EDT 2011

hey all,

Some things have happened recently!

* flipped out and finished migrating old content from
  http://syncwith.us to http://prophet.branchable.com
  - see http://prophet.branchable.com/recentchanges/ !
* worked with Jesse to point syncwith.us at the new site
* started trying to track down some freenode staff to get
  help on registering #prophet -- I submitted a group
  registration a while back but haven't heard anything back.
  I talked to a staff person online and sent another email
  as directed, haven't heard anything there either. Kind of
  frustrated and wondering if we should just jump ship to
* got myself added as a collaborator to the github mirrors
  and merged and closed our outstanding pull request there

This weekend my goal is to sift through bug reports and get
a plan for what we should have in order for our end-of-April

If anyone has an opinion on the location of our IRC channel,
let me know. I'm mostly frustrated with our inability to
change the channel topic due to lack of ops. Which is not
urgent, just annoying.


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