[Shipwright] What is the 'as' directory?

Andy Cobaugh phalenor at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 09:40:14 EDT 2010

So, I see shipwright has changed a bit in the way it wraps scripts and 
binaries. Is this intended to allow builds of a project on multiple 
platforms to be installed in the same (shared) directory, then run from 
that same directory?

I wonder how that will work with AFS.

What we do now, is something like this:

bin-wrapped/ -> system/@sys/bin-wrapped
lib/ -> system/@sys/lib
sbin/ -> system/@sys/sbin-wrapped

This is all under /afs somewhere. @sys evaluates to the system name, for 
example: amd64_linux26, i386_linux26, sun4x_510, etc.

I'm wondering how I can make shipwright work with this new 'as' stuff? 
Initially, I'm thinking as/sys/bin/ where as/sys -> as/system/@sys/, then 
just putting 'sys' in __as.

Perhaps the shipwright folks could shed some light on this ;) I do see 
Shipwright::Manual::BuildMultiArchVessel - I guess it's not meant to be 
used to by multiple architecture-os combinations at the same time?


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