[Shipwright] Errors importing GnuPG::Interface

Wenck, Samuel samuel.wenck at lmco.com
Thu Aug 23 12:15:47 EDT 2012

I am attempting to import the cpan:GnuPG::Interface Perl module into a Shipwright vessel using Shipwright version 2.4.32 running under Centos 6.3 x86. I am having issues ewith one of its dependencies, Math::BigInt, which Shipwright is having problems determining the version locally installed on the build host.

Usually, when I encounter these issues, I install the Perl module in question onto the build host which I did successfully:

cpan[3]> i GnuPG::Interface
Module id = GnuPG::Interface
    DESCRIPTION  OO interface to GNU Privacy Guard
    CPAN_USERID  FTOBIN (Frank J. Tobin <ftobin at cpan.org>)
    CPAN_FILE    J/JE/JESSE/GnuPG-Interface-0.44.tar.gz
    UPLOAD_DATE  2011-05-03
    DSLIP_STATUS MdpO? (mature,developer,perl,object-oriented,)
    MANPAGE      GnuPG::Interface - Perl interface to GnuPG
    INST_FILE    /usr/local/share/perl5/GnuPG/Interface.pm

I also made sure that the dependency, Math::BigInt was installed locally:

cpan[4]> i Math::BigInt
Module id = Math::BigInt
    DESCRIPTION  Arbitrary size integer math package
    CPAN_USERID  TELS (Tels <nospam-abuse at bloodgate.com>)
    CPAN_VERSION 1.997
    CPAN_FILE    P/PJ/PJACKLAM/Math-BigInt-1.997.tar.gz
    UPLOAD_DATE  2011-09-04
    DSLIP_STATUS SupOp (standard,comp.lang.perl.*,perl,object-oriented,Standard-Perl)
    MANPAGE      Math::BigInt - Arbitrary size integer/float math package
    INST_FILE    /usr/local/share/perl5/Math/BigInt.pm
    INST_VERSION 1.997

However, when the Shipwright import command executes, it somehow gets confused about the locally installed BigInt module version:

running source cpan-Math-BigInt: /root/.shipwright/downloads/cpan/authors/id/P/PJ/PJACKLAM/Math-BigInt-1.997.tar.gz
skipping Test::More
skipping ExtUtils::MakeMaker
preparing to run source: bignum
running source cpan-bignum: /root/.shipwright/downloads/cpan/authors/id/F/FL/FLORA/bignum-0.29.tar.gz
/tmp/shipwright_source_VZgMmw/cpan-bignum is a Module::Install based distribution
running cmd: /usr/bin/perl -Mversion -MShipwright::Util::CleanINC shipwright_makefile.pl
running cmd: /usr/bin/make clean
preparing to run source: Math::BigRat
running source cpan-Math-BigRat: /root/.shipwright/downloads/cpan/authors/id/P/PJ/PJACKLAM/Math-BigRat-0.2602.tar.gz
/tmp/shipwright_source_VZgMmw/cpan-Math-BigRat is a Module::Install based distribution
running cmd: /usr/bin/perl -Mversion -MShipwright::Util::CleanINC shipwright_makefile.pl
Warning: prerequisite Math::BigInt 1.991 not found. We have 1.89.
running cmd: /usr/bin/make clean

I believe that CentOS might include the older version of the BigInt module in its Perl RPM but I thought that Shipwright would pick up the locally installed newer version first. I checked on the installed version this way:

# perl -MMath::BigInt -e 'print "$Math::BigInt::VERSION\n";'

So the installed Perl sees the newer version but Shipwright does not and does not want to import the newer version as a dependency for the GnuPG::Interface module. I have attached the full output of the import command for reference.

I have successfully built the same shipwright vessel under CentOS 5.8 with no issues and I am wondering the cause and a work around or solution.

Thanks in advance, Sam

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