[svk-devel] Merging with renames/copies doesn't work

Chia-Liang Kao clkao at clkao.org
Mon Oct 9 19:25:57 EDT 2006

On 09/10/06, Thomas Harning <harning at identityalliance.com> wrote:
> I've tried to get the latest SVK to perform a merge to a svn repository
> while keeping track of renames/copies... but it always performs the
> 'simple' add + delete  or add operation.  smerge states that
> 'track-rename' is unnecessary (why??? renames don't work at all it
> seems)
> cmerge doesn't track them.
> merge doesn't track them...
> On the site I've seen that it's (copy/rename) feature complete... in
> what sense?

Are you trying to merge changes to another branch that has renames
happened on the branch?  Or are you trying to merge the renames


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