[svk-devel] 2.0-pre "svk pull" tries to merge back to mirror source?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Oct 11 10:57:58 EDT 2006

Quoting Daniel Jacobowitz <drow at false.org>:

>> I just don't want to have to think about whether $PWD is a WC of
>> a mirror or a WC of a local branch.  I could have tens or hundreds
>> of WCs lying around as I work on different projects.  What I want
>> is a single command that is:
>>   sync
>>   smerge (if necessary)
>>   update
>> I /thought/ that "pull" would do what I wanted, but clearly not..  It's
>> not smart enough to notice that there's no "branch" to merge from and
>> instead it should skip the merge step and just perform the sync and update.
> No, it's doing exactly what you asked it to.  It's syncing, smerging
> from where the current directory was copied from to the current
> directory's depotpath, and updating.  The fact that this particular
> branch lives in a mirrored directory doesn't make a difference; it's a
> copy off of trunk, so pull does an smerge from trunk.

It may be doing what I asked but it's NOT doing what I want OR what I mean.
Maybe it's because I've used Teamware and Bitkeeper, so I think of Push and
Pull in THOSE terms..   I consider push/pull a push/pull across a mirror,
not just a push/pull across a COPY.

Let's say I have:

  svk mirror svn+ssh...   //mirrors/gnucash
  svk copy //mirrors/gnucash/branches/foo //local/gnucash/branches/foo
  svk co //local/gnucash/branches/foo
  cd foo

so now $PWD is a LOCAL copy of a REMOTE copy of REMOTE Trunk..  Now
if I "svk pull" it will pull from the REMOTE copy (the branch)..  It
doesn't pull from trunk.  So in this configuration pull does exactly
what I've come to expect (and want and mean) -- I want it to take
the updates in the remote repo, sync them into my repo, then merge
those changes into my local branch copy, and then update my WC.

This is what I mean about having to think about my WC and what it is!
The tool should do this thinking for me, I shouldn't have to think
about it.

So I guess what I REALLY want is for pull to do:

  smerge IFF $PWD is NOT a checkout from the mirror

In this case, where $PWD is a WC from a mirror (instead of a local
branch), I think it's perfectly reasonable to require the user to
perform an explicit smerge if what they really want to do is merge
from Remote Trunk into Remote Branch.   Because honestly, I can't
think of ANY case where this is the right thing when the user uses
"svk pull".


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