[svk-devel] SVK build question

Dr Bean lang at ms.chinmin.edu.tw
Fri Oct 20 04:14:59 EDT 2006

On Thu, 19 Oct 2006, Chris.Fouts at qimonda.com wrote:

> I installed my CPAN bundle. Now when I make
> SVK, I get the following...

> Sorry, we have to rerun the configuration dialog for CPAN.pm due to
> the following indispensable but missing parameters:


> Parameters for the 'perl Build.PL' command?
> Typical frequently used settings:

>     --install_base /home/xxx             # different installation
> directory

> Do I give it the Perl install base, as the parameter name implies,
> or my home dir, as the parameter value implies?

Module::Build is an all-perl alternative to ExtUtils::MakeMaker and make.
--install_base is something like the equivalent of $PREFIX.

Its man page says:

	An "install_base" parameter lets you specify an
       alternative installation root like /home/foo..


	 You can also set the whole bunch of installation paths
	 by supplying the "install_base" parameter to point to a
	 directory on your sys- tem.  For instance, if you set
	 "install_base" to "/home/ken" on a Linux system...
The default as superuser might be something like

I don't think you'd need to set it unless you weren't the superuser.

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