[svk-devel] smerge/pull with renames

Jason Dillon jason at planet57.com
Tue Apr 10 17:19:36 EDT 2007

I found another minor issue with --track-rename, seems that when a  
module is renamed on a target, and a new directory is added to the  
source, when smerge'ing, svk2 dies with something like:

Name does not refer to a filesystem directory: Path 'framework/ 
geronimo-naming-builder/src/test/resources' not present

Trying to smerge it by hand does the same thing:

svk sm //mirrors/geronimo-server/trunk/modules/geronimo-naming- 
builder/src/test/resources framework/geronimo-naming-builder/src/test/ 
resources -C
Filesystem has no item: File not found: revision 17177, path '/ 

But cp does the right thing:

svk cp //mirrors/geronimo-server/trunk/modules/geronimo-naming- 
builder/src/test/resources framework/geronimo-naming-builder/src/test/ 
resources -C
A   framework/geronimo-naming-builder/src/test/resources
A   framework/geronimo-naming-builder/src/test/resources/annotation
A   framework/geronimo-naming-builder/src/test/resources/annotation/ 
A   framework/geronimo-naming-builder/src/test/resources/annotation/ 
A   framework/geronimo-naming-builder/src/test/resources/annotation/ 

I was expecting that smerge would merge over new directories into the  
correct path (basically invoking cp to pull in the new version  
history), but its not.

And even after I commit the above cp to add the files, svk smerge  
still dies with the "Name does not refer to a filesystem  
directory..." error, which now leaves my re-organized tree in an  
unusable state, I can't pull in new changes from trunk.

How can I get past this w/o loosing all of my work already on moving  
things around?


On Mar 28, 2007, at 3:50 PM, Chia-Liang Kao wrote:

> On 28/03/07, Jason Dillon <jason at planet57.com> wrote:
>> Is this related to the bits in the test which are marked as
>> "todo_skip 'not working', 5;" ?
>> Will look into this further.  Not sure I understand how the .t files
>> really work or I would try to update them.  But I can probably get a
>> simple example with a bash script to reproduce.
> Nice guess, and that's why the tests are still marked as todo ;)  so
> they are still not passing but the tree is still buildable.
> Still working on it.  But glad to know you are keeping an eye on it.
> I will post updates on this.
> Cheers,
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