[svk-devel] problems working with svk2

Viktor Štujber theultramage at gmail.com
Tue Jan 2 22:11:22 EST 2007

1. "svk commit"
Commit into mirrored path: merging back directly.
Merging back to mirror source
No such file or directory: OPTIONS request failed on '/svn/eatrunk':
Could not open the requested SVN filesystem
- then I hacked the 0th revprop by including the trailing slash, and it worked
- strange that when mirroring the repository, there was no problem

2. "svk mirror --relocate /eathena/"
Can't locate object method "reposfs" via package "SVK::Depot" at
C:/UNIX/bin/perl/site/lib/SVK/Mirror/Backend/SVNSync.pm line 99.

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