[svk-devel] Edit/addition of previous commit logs?

Paul Cochrane paultcochrane at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 13:31:35 EST 2007


> I expect this is a problem because you want to smerge iteratively.
> Try smerge iteratively _up to_ the problematic patch[0], merge that
> patch over manually with merge -c and a commit message, then smerge
> iteratively up to HEAD, something like this:
>         svk smerge -I //local/foo at rXXX-1 //remote/foo
>         svk merge -c XXX //local/foo //remote/foo
>         svk smerge -I //local/foo //remote/foo

The problem seems to be occurring because parrot recently implemented
a pre-commit check for empty commit messages.  It's possible that the
problem is caused by me using a 'smerge' rather than a 'push'.  At
present 'push' seems to work alright.


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