[svk-devel] svk 2.0.0 for Win32 is released.

Alexandru Popescu the.mindstorm.mailinglist at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 11:32:55 EST 2007

On 1/10/07, Kevin Light <klight at walkertechnical.com> wrote:
> http://svk.bestpractical.com/view/SVKWin32 has been updated.
> I would also like to advocate building SVK with Strawberry Perl.  Instructions can be found at: http://svk.bestpractical.com/view/BuildingFromSourceOnStrawberryPerl

Great job Kevin. Are there any "known issues" for this release?  Where
can I read about changes in  svk 2.0?

many thanks in advance,

.w( the_mindstorm )p.

> Happy SVK'ing!
> Kevin
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