[svk-devel] "author" user name reflected in "mirrored" repositories

Mark Burton mark.burton at greensocs.com
Thu Jan 18 15:05:03 EST 2007

Hi, I suspect it would be easiest if I describe the exact use model I 
have for SVK as I suspect others might like to use it in this way (and 
may find the same problems)

I run a sourceforge project, and want to continue to use sourceforge's 
"write only" SVN repository (well known/trusted etc etc)

However, I want to have more "fine grained" access control and some 
automation that S.F. does not permit. So, my set up is to run a 
"mirror" of the S.F. repository using SVK, and then "serve" the mirror 
(using subversion).

I have used the recipe found here : 

In addition, I have added a commit hook script to the repository as 
served by SVN such that when somebody commits a change, the mirror is 
automatically sync's and smerged

export HOME=/some/place
export USER=somebody
/usr/bin/svk sync //mirror/project
/usr/bin/svk smerge --incremental --verbatim //project //mirror/project

Notice that for this to work, the apache server running the subversion 
svn module must have access to a ~/.svn tree with a cached access to 
the initial S.F. repository
so - It would be nice to be able to specify usernames (and passwords) 
on the command line. Maybe you can, but I can't find any documentation 
about it.

Then, this still doens't work, because - it seems - a lock file gets 
created and not properly removed (I'm looking into this right now, I'm 
not sure what the problem is)

Once you manage to get a check in, and you have included --incremental 
and --verbatim, then the log files seems to get updated without asking 
for further comments, which is good - BUT - the AUTHOR is taken as the 
USER doing the smerge - this is highly undesirable, as the author will 
ALWAYS be be the same. So ideally, when a --verbatim smerge is done, 
author names should be preserved from the original check in....

Or have I missed something?



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