[svk-devel] "author" user name reflected in "mirrored" repositories

Mark Burton mark.burton at greensocs.com
Sun Jan 21 17:22:26 EST 2007

Correct me if I'm wrong but this isn't really an SVK problem, but the 
SVN server that we are mirroring.
The thing is, the SVN server will probably "stamp" the Author on - no 
matter what SVK does.

So, I talked to some svn people, and of course, there is a way round it 
- we could use svn propset --revprop -r N svn:author to set the author 
to the right thing after we've done the check in
	But this relies on the pre-revprop-change being in place for the SVN 

Well - for me at least, the reason I'm going to this pain is 90% about 
the fact that I can't edit the hook scripts in the "source" repository 
(SourceForge) - so - catch 22 :-(

My solution (and it seems to be a common one) will be to add the Author 
info into the log message

Hope this helps



On 21 Jan 2007, at 02:52, Alexandru Popescu wrote:

> On 1/18/07, Mark Burton <mark.burton at greensocs.com> wrote:
>> Hi, I suspect it would be easiest if I describe the exact use model I
>> have for SVK as I suspect others might like to use it in this way (and
>> may find the same problems)
>> I run a sourceforge project, and want to continue to use sourceforge's
>> "write only" SVN repository (well known/trusted etc etc)
>> However, I want to have more "fine grained" access control and some
>> automation that S.F. does not permit. So, my set up is to run a
>> "mirror" of the S.F. repository using SVK, and then "serve" the mirror
>> (using subversion).
>> I have used the recipe found here :
>> http://svk.bestpractical.com/view/UsingSVKAsARepositoryMirroringSystem
>> In addition, I have added a commit hook script to the repository as
>> served by SVN such that when somebody commits a change, the mirror is
>> automatically sync's and smerged
>> #!/bin/sh
>> export HOME=/some/place
>> export USER=somebody
>> /usr/bin/svk sync //mirror/project
>> /usr/bin/svk smerge --incremental --verbatim //project 
>> //mirror/project
>> Notice that for this to work, the apache server running the subversion
>> svn module must have access to a ~/.svn tree with a cached access to
>> the initial S.F. repository
>> so - It would be nice to be able to specify usernames (and passwords)
>> on the command line. Maybe you can, but I can't find any documentation
>> about it.
>> Then, this still doens't work, because - it seems - a lock file gets
>> created and not properly removed (I'm looking into this right now, I'm
>> not sure what the problem is)
>> ===Problem===
>> Once you manage to get a check in, and you have included --incremental
>> and --verbatim, then the log files seems to get updated without asking
>> for further comments, which is good - BUT - the AUTHOR is taken as the
>> USER doing the smerge - this is highly undesirable, as the author will
>> ALWAYS be be the same. So ideally, when a --verbatim smerge is done,
>> author names should be preserved from the original check in....
>> Or have I missed something?
>> Cheers
>> Mark.
> Same problem seen here and not solved yet. Somehow related if the
> sources are having keywords ($Id$, etc.) and SVN is set to do the
> keywork expansion than these are gettings screwed too.
> I am very interested in hearing a solution for this.
> ./alex
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> .w( the_mindstorm )p.
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