[svk-devel] ask help about svk smerge

Kevin Li Kevin.Li at active.com
Tue Mar 6 20:47:15 EST 2007

Sorry for my question. That is my first time using it, so maybe I
haven't state my question clearly. The case is like this:


We have a subversion reposity in North America and want to create a
mirror in Xi'an using svk. So let's assume that mirror is //mirror and
then do:

Svk cp //mirror //local

then we got a copy of the mirror //local, and we use this copy as a
server in Xi'an. So developers in Xi'an will checkout from here and
commit to //local.

Then maybe in the evening when developer go back, we will do smerge of
//mirror and //local. However, at this time, because there are maybe
conflicts among them, so it will terminate waiting for us to solve the
conflict and then will go on do merge. So in this case there should be a
person waiting by to solve conflicts. As developers are gone, so in fact
we can't do this.


So I wonder whether there are methods  only recording the conflict
information(such as which file, version, author) and notice relative
when conflict find, smerge go on. In the next day, when developer comes,
we solve the conflicts.


Above is the question case. By now, I have a idea, but not sure of it.
The idea is like this:

We use script language(such as PHP or perl) to pack the svk. When
conflicts happen, we just select the default edit option but do not make
any change to the editing file (which including your version, their
version and base version content), just save it and notice relatives,
make log information about this. Then smerge can run success. In the
next day, we can get notice about the conflict information either from
log information or notice report, then solve the seldom conflicts and
commit, smerge, and so on.


So I am wondering whether my idea is feasible. Have anyone got such
examples, show me please if you got about this. Or I am eager for more
suggestion about the question.


Thanks a lot!!


Kevin li

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