[svk-devel] smerge/pull with renames

Viktor Štujber theultramage at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 04:04:03 EDT 2007

I am planning to clean up some of our "vendor's" badly placed/named
directories, and your info is somewhat disturbing...

It is true that merge-to-moved-destination didn't work previously due to
some problems, but that should have been fixed.
See http://netvor.sk/~umage/temp/svk-rename-sux.txt for info about what I
got then.
That case has been covered - see t/07smerge-rename-dest.t.

> svk sm --track-rename //mirrors/svktest //svktest
> Collecting renames, this might take a while.
> U test-module/test.txt - test-module2/test.txt
> But this did not appear to update the text at at all
Just a sanity check, did you run 'svk update .' on that directory after the
merge? (since you did the merge inside the repo)
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