[svk-devel] RA layer request failed: COPY of

Carol Wesolowski Carol.Wesolowski at arroweyesolutions.com
Fri Mar 23 16:53:53 EDT 2007

I believe the failure is happening on the smerge.  If I run the sync command alone I do not see the RA layer failure.

Here is my cmd file
echo. >>E:\sync.log
date /T >>E:\sync.log & time /T >>E:\sync.log

rem the following is needed to run this batch file on the scheduler
set HOMEPATH=\Documents and Settings\ASLVRepo
set TMP=C:\DOCUME~1\ASLVRepo\LOCALS~1\Temp\1

rem if E:\Conflict.log file exists, then a Conflict has previously been detected, 
rem but not yet resolved -- SO DO NOTHING
if exist E:\Conflict.log goto errmsg

rem Scan the Main Repos looking for conflicts before syncing and merging.
call svk smerge -C --sync --to //CodeLocal >E:\syncheck.log
call svk smerge -C --sync --to //CorpDocsLocal >>E:\syncheck.log
call svk smerge -C --sync --to //SW_DocsLocal >>E:\syncheck.log
call svk smerge -C --sync --to //TechDocsLocal >>E:\syncheck.log

rem search the syncheck.log file looking for the text "conflict found", 
rem if text is NOT found an errorlevel of 1 is set, other errorlevel is 0

rem find will not work because this is an external dos command.
call find "C   " E:\syncheck.log > E:\Conflict.log
if %errorlevel% leq 1 goto syncfiles
rem if not exist E:\Conflict.log goto syncfiles
rem if errorlevel 1 goto clearlogfile

rem If errorlevel is 0, then text was found, thus we now have a Conflict
rem So, send email and exit, leaving the Conflict.log file in place to prevent repetative emails.

copy E:\Conflict.msg+E:\Conflict.log C:\inetpub\mailroot\pickup\email.msg


rem clear the conflict log file
del /Q E:\Conflict.log

rem If here then no conflicts found and complete the merge and sync

call svk smerge --log -m " " --sync --to //CodeLocal >>E:\sync.log
call svk smerge --log -m " " --sync --to //CorpDocsLocal >>E:\sync.log
call svk smerge --log -m " " --sync --to //TechDocsLocal >>E:\sync.log
call svk smerge --log -m " " --sync --to //SW_DocsLocal >>E:\sync.log
call svk smerge --log -m " " --sync --from //CodeLocal >>E:\sync.log
call svk smerge --log -m " " --sync --from //CorpDocsLocal >>E:\sync.log
call svk smerge --log -m " " --sync --from //TechDocsLocal >>E:\sync.log
call svk smerge --log -m " " --sync --from //SW_DocsLocal >>E:\sync.log

rem :clearlogfile
rem del /Q E:\Conflict.log

date /T >>E:\sync.log & time /T >>E:\sync.log
goto done

copy E:\ConflictFile.msg C:\inetpub\mailroot\pickup\email.msg
date /T >>E:\sync.log & time /T >>E:\sync.log


Output that I capture in sync.log from the above cmd file

Wed 03/21/2007 
Syncing http://aslvcode/ASI_Repository/Code
Auto-merging (5981, 5981) /CodeMainMirror to /CodeLocal (base /CodeMainMirror:5981).
Empty merge.
Syncing http://aslvcode/ASI_Repository/CorpDocs
Retrieving log information from 3363 to 3434
Auto-merging (315, 5780) /CorpDocsMainMirror to /CorpDocsLocal (base /CorpDocsLocal:333).
Empty merge.
Syncing http://aslvcode/ASI_Repository/TechDocs
Retrieving log information from 3377 to 3434
Auto-merging (5765, 5765) /TechDocsMainMirror to /TechDocsLocal (base /TechDocsLocal:5766).
Empty merge.
Syncing http://aslvcode/ASI_Repository/Software_Docs
Retrieving log information from 3433 to 3434
Auto-merging (5917, 5936) /SW_DocsMainMirror to /SW_DocsLocal (base /SW_DocsLocal:5935).
Empty merge.
Auto-merging (5954, 5982) /CodeLocal to /CodeMainMirror (base /CodeMainMirror:5981).
Merging back to mirror source http://aslvcode/ASI_Repository/Code.
Empty merge.
Auto-merging (5769, 333) /CorpDocsLocal to /CorpDocsMainMirror (base /CorpDocsLocal:333).
Merging back to mirror source http://aslvcode/ASI_Repository/CorpDocs.
Empty merge.
Auto-merging (5771, 5766) /TechDocsLocal to /TechDocsMainMirror (base /TechDocsMainMirror:5765).
Merging back to mirror source http://aslvcode/ASI_Repository/TechDocs.
Empty merge.
Auto-merging (5935, 5984) /SW_DocsLocal to /SW_DocsMainMirror (base /SW_DocsLocal:5935).
Merging back to mirror source http://aslvcode/ASI_Repository/Software_Docs.
U   !Common/Clt Img Checklist/clt_images_checklist.xls
A   Projects/TRD Portfolio/TRD_0192_Ship Type based on Qty
A   Projects/TRD Portfolio/TRD_0192_Ship Type based on Qty/TRD_0192_Ship Type based on Qty.doc
A   Projects/TRD Portfolio/TRD_0192_Ship Type based on Qty/Production Cases.doc
D   SRRs/InProgress/SRR_Quiznos_TRD#182
D   SRRs/InProgress/SRR_TRU-BRU_TRD#184
RA layer request failed: COPY of SRRs/Completed/SRR_Quiznos_Billing page change for CSIPrintData: 404 Not Found (http://aslvcode)
Please sync mirrored path /SW_DocsMainMirror first.
Wed 03/21/2007 

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> 1. The RA layer failure occurs only on one subdirectory (Documentation) when the copy of the mirror is trying to smerge/sync from its copy (svk smerge --log -m " " --sync --from //SW_DocsLocal).  I am using a cmd script in windows that performs the smerge to/from the mirrors to its copies every few minutes.

Do you know if this is happening during the sync phase of the smerge,
or the smerge itself?  Do you have a full output of the command?  It'd
be very helpful if you can provide the recipe to reproduce the

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