[svk-devel] Location checks prior to evaluating the depot command

Mark Grimes mark at stateful.net
Fri May 11 18:43:36 EDT 2007

I decided my depot dirs were getting a little busy and required a lot  
of cherry picking for pushing to different backups (home, remote,  
work, scratch area for throw-away). So, in effort to get better  
filesystem segmentation for backup purposes, I started jailing off the  
private, public and work code to their own subdirs.

(mark at entropy ~) svk -v
This is svk, version v2.0.1 (using Subversion bindings 1.4.3)
(mark at entropy ~) mv /svk/default /svk/private
(mark at entropy ~) svk depot --relocate // /svk/private/default
Repository /svk/default does not exist, create? (y/n)

In fact, you can't even pull up svk depot usage without it complaining  
about the missing directory

(mark at entropy ~) svk depot -h
Repository /svk/default does not exist, create? (y/n)Interrupted.

Solution was to let it create the directory, relocate it and then  
manually remove /svk/default.

As a side note with respect to named depots, you can't move >1 at a  
time on disk to a new location, because running relocate evaluates ALL  
the depots locations and will complain about the one you haven't  
relocated yet and want to reestablish a home where you were just  
moving it from.

Mark Grimes, Principal Developer
Stateful Labs

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