[svk-devel] transactions?

Gattermayer Josef pepus at atlas.cz
Tue Sep 18 07:16:28 EDT 2007

  I know you will hate me for this dummy question, but I have not found any user mailing list?!

I'm using svk as a mirror for my main svn respository - my cron just does "svk sync //local" every night. It works, the revision number is the same, all the data seem to be on both respositories. But I'm wondering what does the folder transactions mean. My SVN respository is quite big (48 GB), the same size has the folder local/db/revs on svk mirrored machine. But the folder local/db/transactions on svk has another 6.7GB. What is it responsible for? May I just delete it (the way it is described in manual)? My mirror system is not accessed by any users, it's just a backup machine.

Thank you for reply

Cheers - Josef

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