[svk-devel] Patches?

Kenneth Swanson kswanson at watson.wustl.edu
Wed Sep 19 17:45:30 EDT 2007

Hello all,

I haven't done much submitting to open source projects and I was curious--if I want to submit a patch to SVK, how should I do it, and what steps 
should I take?

I have a very small change to SVK/Command/Checkout.pm; I changed the -l option so that if you use it and your depot path names are especially 
long (> 30 chars, as mine tend to be :) ), you get a nicely formatted output, instead of having some of the checkout paths further right than 
you want.

This is mostly just a vanity change for me, but I'd still like to put it in there.  I've downloaded the source tarball from CPAN, and tried 
running prove -I lib/ t, and I got 3 failed tests, but 2 of them seem to just be because I changed the format, and not actually broken.  The 
third (t/60patchset.t), I'm not sure on.

What should I do from here?  Should I submit my patch, or try to get all test to work?  Do I have to do a make install for all tests to work?

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks,

-Ken Swanson

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