[svk-devel] inconsistency between svn repo and svk checkout

Marc Horowitz marc at mit.edu
Thu Feb 7 15:58:13 EST 2008

platform: macos 10.5.1, using svk as installed by the developers

I have a file in my repository with the svn:executable property set,
but the property is not set in the local mirror (nor in the local
copy, and the x bit isn't set on the file):

$ svk sync //mirror/azrael 
Syncing https://svn.sqprod.com/svn/azrael
Retrieving log information from 9944 to 9944
Committed revision 1976 from revision 9944.
$ svn proplist https://svn.sqprod.com/svn/azrael/trunk/client-common/message/msggen.pl
Properties on 'https://svn.sqprod.com/svn/azrael/trunk/client-common/message/msggen.pl':
$ svk proplist //mirror/azrael/trunk/client-common/message/msggen.pl

how can this happen, and is there an easy way to fix it?



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