[svk-devel] Delete missing files

John Peacock john.peacock at havurah-software.org
Fri Jun 27 10:40:43 EDT 2008

Steve Wagner wrote:
> This may works but i am a Win32 user, so egrep is not available by default.


(haven't use this in a while but appears to still be maintained).

> I think this should be a function the must be provided by svk and 
> suggest to add an option to svk delete and svk commit.

I don't.  Most of the time when a file is missing from the WC, it is 
because the user did something stupid (no offense intended) and deleted 
files using the operating system tools.  The sane response to this is 
'svk revert'.  Just because svk's working directory looks exactly like 
an ordinary filesystem directory (i.e. no .svn hidden folders), doesn't 
mean you can treat it like one.

If you are trying to delete a bunch of files from your working copy and 
  commit those changes to the repo, use 'svk delete' not Windows 
Explorer and you will never even see a '!' missing file.


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