[svk-devel] Trying to migrate off of P4

David Wink david.wink at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 12:21:00 EDT 2009

Guys I am trying to migrate off of P4 and would like to use SVK to mirror my
info off of P4.  I have installed SVK 1.99 on my server and when I try to
mirror I get:
svk mirror  p4:dwink at alfperfp01.itlogon.com:1667://depot/Dev/... /j10/fromp4
Bad URL passed to RA layer: Unrecognized URL scheme for
'p4:dwink at alfperfp01.itlogon.com:1667://depot/Dev/...'

I have VCP and VCP::Dest::svk installed

I know that VCP support was removed in 2.0 but I am running 1.99.  Can
anyone help me out?

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