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Ivan Shmakov ivan at main.uusia.org
Thu Jan 27 10:28:03 EST 2011

>>>>> Daniel Clark <dclark at pobox.com> writes:

 >>> Yes, I can see the “Gzip'd Text” links, but these lead to the
 >>> version of the archive deprived of both all the lesser header
 >>> fields, and of MIME:

 >>> $ wget -qO - \
 >>>       http://lists.bestpractical.com/pipermail/prophet/2010-September.txt.gz \
 >>>       | zcat \
 >>>       | sed -e 36,63\!d

 >> Ah. Interesting. I didn't know that.

 > I've gotten several list archives up on gmane my importing a bunch of
 > the .mbox files into my MUA and then exporting that as one large mbox
 > archive, making a .tgz and posting it somewhere for gmane admins to
 > download.  I haven't seen any issues with threading, but you are
 > probably right that MIME won't be included.

	I've checked the .mbox files that the Mailman instance that I
	run generates (the ones below mailman/archives/private/) and
	these seem to contain both References: and MIME.

	However, these files aren't (to the best of my knowledge)
	usually accessible via HTTP.  Thus, as I've pointed before,
	it'll require an explicit mailing list's owner / administrator
	action to replicate the messages already posted at Gmane.


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