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Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Mon May 22 17:37:39 EDT 2000

> > Log Message:
> > I do use $Ticket->Subject (and other stuff as well) frequently when
> > I'm editing Mason.  There is two issues;
> > 
> > 1) Things might look freaked if the ticket has no subject, i.e. Display.html
> >
> that can be fixed with an  

That's a dirty hack IMO.  I'd rather like to have "(no subject)" if there
is no subject.

> > I could ensure the "right" behaviour all the places by using
> > HTML::Entities::encode (I've done it one place), and by always using
> > $Subject||"(No subject)". 
> One way to deal is to add that to create and make the Subject column 
> not null.

Not null?  Like "" you mean?  It will yield the same effect in the web
interface.  I think this is a display issue, not a DB issue.  Well, beeing
a display issue, the right place to put it might be in Mason rather than
in the Ticket.pm ... but anyway.  Verbose Subjects might be needed in the
cli as well.

> > Anyway, I think it might be more
> > appropriate to have a sub RT::Ticket::VerboseSubject and
> > RT::Ticket::HTMLSubject.
> >
> What's VerboseSubject?

returns subject||"(no subject given)".

ok, you're right, escape(subject)||"no subject given" in the template
might make more sense than those subs - particularly because of
localization issues.  I'll remove them.

> I'd almost rather have an HTML::Mason::escape routine.
> so we could do escape($Ticket->Subject)

U fix?

tobix at fsck.com

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