[rt-devel] Non-priv search capability?

Robert Shaw rshaw at mxim.com
Fri May 25 16:19:28 EDT 2001


Is it possible to give a non-privileged user the ability to search the
allowed queues? Currently, the non-priv user has only three links, Open
requests, Closed requests, and New request. It would be nice if they could
also view (if the ACL was allowed) the other requests in the system, and
also to be able to search them.

Another possibility, which would also be nice is to be able to disable
the "Configuration" link for a privileged user altogether so it doesn't
appear.  This would also be good.

The reason I ask is that I'd like our users to have a very simple interface
to the system without the extra configuration links that could possibly
confuse them. I like the simple non-priv interface, but we'd like our users
to be able to see other tickets in the system and search so they can see if
something is already there. I would prefer the ability to just hide the
"Configuration" link for certain users, or at the least be able to hide
the sub-links under it  that they don't have access to use.

Any ideas? Comments???


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