[rt-devel] CheckForLoops not working

Gavin Scott gavin at pokerpages.com
Tue Jul 30 17:51:42 EDT 2002


CheckForLoops does not appear to work on our RT 2.0.13 system.  The
problem is that the header line:

X-RT-Loop-Prevention: pokerpages.com 

sent by our RT system contains a space at the end.  There is no space in
our config.pm though ( $rtname="pokerpages.com"; ) so I'm not sure where
it comes from.

A possible fix, ignoring whitespace at the end of the header line, is
pasted below.

Gavin Scott
gavin at pokerpages.com

--- Email.pm.original   Tue Jul 30 16:44:13 2002
+++ Email.pm    Tue Jul 30 16:45:00 2002
@@ -152,6 +152,7 @@
     #If this instance of RT sent it our, we don't want to take it in
     my $RTLoop = $head->get("X-RT-Loop-Prevention") || "";
     chomp ($RTLoop); #remove that newline
+    $RTLoop =~ s/^(.*?)\s+$/$1/; #remove whitespace at end of line
     if ($RTLoop eq "$RT::rtname") {
        return (1);

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