[rt-devel] CheckForLoops not working

Phil Homewood pdh at snapgear.com
Tue Jul 30 18:20:24 EDT 2002

Gavin Scott wrote:
> CheckForLoops does not appear to work on our RT 2.0.13 system.  The
> problem is that the header line:
> X-RT-Loop-Prevention: pokerpages.com 
> sent by our RT system contains a space at the end.  There is no space in
> our config.pm though ( $rtname="pokerpages.com"; ) so I'm not sure where
> it comes from.

That's bizarre.

Do other header lines have extraneous spaces?
What exactly does the RT-Ticket: header contain?
What version of the MIME::Tools (MIME::Entity and MIME::Parser)
do you have?

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