[rt-devel] Autoconfiscation

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Nov 18 20:33:18 EST 2002

Thanks. Applied.

> Areas that still need attention:
> 	a) The database configuration. Ugh. (I've at least cleaned up the 
> 	argument descriptions displayed during ./configure --help for now).

Actually working on some of this tonight. Database config is being
decoupled a bit. You'll mostly configure in autoconf and then run a
database creation tool later.

> 	b) Makefile. Maybe include install-sh, and use @install@ instead of 
> 	the  cp/chown/chgrp gymnastics currently in place. :)

*nod* install-sh ought to get us a large part of the way there. What's
the standard way to handle a boatload of file installations? find -exec?

> 	c) Substitution variable renaming. A topic for another day. :)

*nod* once the rest of it stabilizes a bit, this will be easy ;)

> Hope this helps,
>  - Andrew

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