[rt-devel] Autoconfiscation

Andrew Snare ASnare at allshare.nl
Tue Nov 19 05:15:48 EST 2002

At 08:33 PM 18/11/2002 -0500, Jesse Vincent wrote:
> > Areas that still need attention:
> >       a) The database configuration. Ugh. (I've at least cleaned up the
> >       argument descriptions displayed during ./configure --help for now).
>Actually working on some of this tonight. Database config is being
>decoupled a bit. You'll mostly configure in autoconf and then run a
>database creation tool later.

Cool. Sounds like a nice approach. For the database configuration, I'd 
consider looking at how they do the --with-suexec options in Apache 2. I'm 
also cargo-culting most of this stuff.

> >       b) Makefile. Maybe include install-sh, and use @install@ instead of
> >       the  cp/chown/chgrp gymnastics currently in place. :)
>*nod* install-sh ought to get us a large part of the way there. What's
>the standard way to handle a boatload of file installations? find -exec?

Sadly, I think you need to list everything explicitly in the Makefile and 
use install for each individual file. So far I've used automake on our 
internal projects which does the hard work for us (although we still have 
to list all the files).

As an aside, I've noticed that the file permissions on the files 
distributed in the tarball are a little wacky. For example, ./configure 
isn't executable. In general, don't rely on anything other than ./configure 
being executable. Anything other than that, mark executable at ./configure 
time (see how I set that up for initdb) if they're needed before 
installation. This applies especially when CVS is involved. Maybe in the 
'roll the distribution step', include a step that goes something like:

% find -type f | xargs chmod 644 && \
         find -type d | xargs chmod 755 && \
         chmod 755 configure

Permissions that should apply to files only after installation should be 
set using 'install'.


  - Andrew "off to try out 2.1.48" Snare

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